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Cubes® Performance Management For Banking

Banks nowadays operate in a challenging environment as they seek to increase shareholder value, bank profitability and customer loyalty while complying with ever-changing regulation requirements and risk management needs. To deal with these challenges successfully, they must translate business strategy into actions that can sustain profitable growth within acceptable risk limits and deliver measurable results quickly.

Unfortunately, many banks are faced with obstacles that limit its ability to achieve these goals due to:

  • Large piles of raw data scattered across multiple systems within the bank that need to be transformed into real information that executives need to make the right strategic decisions.
  • Long time spent on collecting performance data from multiple business units, making it difficult to deliver enterprise-wide performance information to the people who need it in the right time.
  • Lack of clear consensus on what to measure, at both the strategic and operational level, making it difficult to cascade measures and monitor the effective execution of bank wide corporate strategy at business unitsí level.

Cubes® Performance Management For Banking helps financial institutions overcome these challenges and achieve such results. With a broad, tailor made offerings for banking performance management needs, our performance management capabilities do not only help in managing the performance of the bank, but also in creating a culture that support continuous improvement.

Branch Performance Management with Cubes®

Managing customers effectively at the branch level is critical to the success of the bank. Drawing demand deposits from consumers and small businesses funds the crucial lending activities that drive bank profits. The success of the bank retail strategy depends on how well is the bank in attracting the right customers, providing them with the right products, and retaining them in profitable relationships. Monitoring such branch-customer relationship cycles, when taken collectively, touches every part of the retail bank.

With Cubes® Performance Management For Banking, you can:

  • Increase revenues through greater profitability analysis, customer growth initiatives tracking, and improved financial consolidation and reporting.
  • Manage risk at the enterprise and departmental levels, and comply with regulations.
  • Reduce costs through operational efficiency and optimization of internal processes.
  • Bring context and direction to your business intelligence initiatives and support a continuous process for improvement.
  • Understand which measures drive your business, and align operations toward those drivers.
  • Link strategy to plans using strategy maps to gain a better understanding of the data thatís driving business performance forward.
  • Tie traditional scorecard features with operational dashboards and drill down root cause analysis.
  • Benchmark branches performance and compare between them.
  • Branch-level planning by customer, segment, or product.
  • Branch, customer segment, and product profitability reporting.
  • Analyze bank different service delivery channels.