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Enterprise Scorecarding Made Easy

Business intelligence scorecards are a collection of metrics such as revenue and cash flow that are used to measure a company’s performance against targets. They help executives turn their business strategy into specific goals that can be communicated, measured and monitored throughout the company. Performance-based scorecards keep a business accountable and focused on achieving set results.

Cubes® scorecard module is primarily used to help align operational execution with business strategy. Allowing management to monitor strategic objectives achievement, initiatives implementation, as well as, strategic KPI results.


Cubes® Corporate Performance Management scorcarding features at a glance

  • Ability to have user defined perspectives.
  • Design cascaded scorecards.
  • Represent Cause-and-effect relationships to highlight interdependencies between objectives.
  • Associate performance measures with individual objectives.
  • Scoring and color coding of measures and objectives at all levels.
  • Measure progress toward objectives by combining the scores of any number of metrics (KPIs).
  • Link one or more initiatives and accountabilities to any strategic objective.
  • Graphically track and manage the status of all initiatives.
  • Link to existing project management systems.
  • Compliance with Balanced Scorecard Collaborative requirements.
  • Provide a central repository for all metrics, calculations, and commentary.
  • Supports Multi-dimensional analysis of performance.
  • Comes with built in workflows for manual data feeding and update process.
  • Send reminders for data feeding and warnings on missing data.
  • Generate alerts and notifications.