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Performance reporting with a click

Probably the most prevalent tool seen in business today for performance analysis is the traditional report. Reports can be very simple and static in nature. When combined with scorecards and dashboards, reports offer a tremendous way to allow users to analyze the specific data underlying their metrics and key performance indicators.

Built-in Standard Report

Equipped with build-in standard reports, Cubes® caters for most of the frequently asked performance reports. This allows user to request and share performance information and get the answers immediately without the need to wait for long time or spend more time on formatting the results.

Standard Reports within Cubes® include:

  • Strategic objective analysis report.
  • Initiative Analysis Report.
  • KPI list report.
  • Strategy map print-out.
  • Actual Vs. Target KPI comparison Report.
  • Print for any dashboard or scorecard screen.

Reports Customization

Cubes® solution relies on the power of the Dundas software for reporting services. Dundas Software has produced tools designed specifically for enhancing reports within SQL Reporting Services.