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Information is everywhere. In most cases, we have more than we need. The problem is not how much information we have, but how well we are able to structure, represent and manage it.

Today’s CPM Challenges

Corporate institutions are faced with intense competition in today’s global environment. With the need to keep a competitive edge with the best products and services, they must adopt strict standards to track the performance of their strategies. Many organizations implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) applications only to come to learn the limitations that accompany some of these applications. And with the need of more sophisticated initiatives than applications like Microsoft Excel and manual notebooks, companies have also come to the realization that these systems also lack executive-based functions like planning, budgeting, and financial management.

Without the ability to manage strategic objectives, initiatives and performance, in addition to the relevant processes that affect performance and strategies, companies fail to make sound decisions required to move the company ahead of the game. With regulatory compliance challenges, corporations must also be able to comply with new and complex reporting requirements, but few are able to meet those demands.

How can companies get the accurate and relevant information needed to make the right decisions?

What Cubes® offers

The big picture. What happens when you need to process financial reports, production performances, or even budgeting plans? What can usually take weeks to generate about the company can now be done within seconds. Cubes® offers a powerful tool that takes all the gritty details that are buried within an organization and displays it to instantaneously view the changes happening within a company.


Beginning at the executive level and hitting the depths of all functional areas, senior managers can quickly view all data coming from different dimensions of an organization.


With our scorecard modules, personalized dashboards, and customized reporting, Cubes® will be able to deliver comprehensible information and valuable benefits:

  • Visibility into business trends and performance metrics
  • Improved responsiveness to business problems or opportunities
  • Performance tracking against objectives
  • Tracking of strategic initiatives
  • Monitoring of business processes performance
  • Forecasting as well as benchmarking performance against targets
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of performance trends against other influencing factors
  • Robust reporting, drill down analysis, and root cause analysis using structured data marts
  • Anytime anywhere access to performance data
  • Collaboration over performance data through alerts and messaging
  • Ability to measure performance from manual data sources, spread sheets as well as through integration with current IT systems/databases


To deliver on goals and objectives, organizations need a solution that guides and improves decision-making from the strategic direction of the CEO and executive management through to middle management and front-line employees. Track the performance and take action. With Cubes® Corporate Performance Management solution – cCPM, information can be translated into executive decision making to lead the organization in the proper direction with just a click of the mouse.


The Value of Cubes®

Because Cubes® integrates multiple business dimensions, the power of CPM surfaces for a business-forward approach in making decisions. Reduce the time and effort it takes to gather data, summarize information, and solve performance problems. With the ability to render complex performance data companies can free valuable resources and focus on higher-valued activities such as planning, strategic efforts, and analysis.

In a broader sense, visions are clearer and properly aligned with strategy formulation. Forecasting, planning, and budgeting are pertinently available for target setting and continuous improvement. Value-based management is a result of Cubes®, where management is no longer reactive, but proactive towards goals with incentive systems in place.