Solution Architecture
Features Comparison

Personalized Dashboards Building with less programming

Cubes® Dashboards falls one level down in the business decision making process from a scorecard; as it is less focused on a strategic objective and more tied to specific operational goals. The purpose of a dashboard is to provide the user with actionable business information in a format that is both intuitive and insightful.

Business intelligence dashboards give you an instant visual snapshot of how your company is performing. Many CEOs run their business from an executive dashboard that shows key performance indicators and scorecards across the entire business.

With Cubes® dashboards, designers can build dashboards to provide the user with actionable business information in a format that is both intuitive and insightful, focusing more on operational objectives and day-to-day activities.


Cubes® Corporate Performance Management dashboarding features at a glance

  • Generation of interactive dashboards, with scorecards, charts, gauges and maps.
  • Automatic periodic metric data loading from other corporate information systems, submitted via email or manually entered via web forms or imported from spread sheets.
  • Can be created from out-of-the-box templates that enable users to get started immediately, without the need for any programming expertise.
  • Can be filtered on-the-fly. For example if you’re looking at customer service metrics across the company, you can filter your dashboard to see metrics for one particular customer.
  • Are easily customizable, allowing employees to have dashboards for their specific area of responsibility.
  • Provide drill-down to lower level reports for more detail.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of performance.
  • Secure and consistent communication for all performance.
  • Link to supporting documents, and hyperlinks.